• Ledger Exercise: Best Credit Card

    Recently I was talking with some friends about credit cards; specifically which one offers the best rewards. At some point during the conversation I realized that my work with Ledger had set me up to provide an interesting case study. It could also settle whether we were all being silly and debating over superficial gains. If math and accounting bores you then you should skip to the end to see the fancy graph result.

  • The Path to Ledger

    When I started working full-time my financial life got a lot more complicated. I created a registered retirement savings plan account (RRSP) because my employer matched my contributions. I needed to create a brokerage account because my employer partially paid me in equity (company stock). An additional complication is that the stocks are sold for US dollars and I’m based on Canada. So I opened a USD account to hold the revenue from selling stock. I ended up having 9 financial accounts.

  • Hello World

    I’m bad at maintaining a personal website. I get really exciting about a blogging platform, spend the time setting it up, and then never use it. I think this time it’ll be different but that’s probably naive.

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